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Cyclone Series- Retired

Cyclone Series Zach: An Imperial Oatmeal Stout

2014 3/19

In 2006, the Coastal Extreme Brewing Crew started the Cyclone Series, a clever idea before limited release beers were the norm. This clever idea produced 26 different beers ranging widely in taste, complexity, and lack of sleep for our brewers! We traveled through the alphabet, with no shortcuts, starting with Alyssa and now introducing, the last letter ‘Z’ for Zach, an imperial oatmeal stout.

Cyclone Zach is an intense beer, both in its brewing and flavor profile. Six mashes, rather than the usual two, were required to create this brew, leading to round the clock brewing. Boasting a 10.1% ABV Zach is truly a big and bold beer, but his most important characteristic is smoothness. To create Zach’s silky smooth flavor, the brewers combined extra tank conditioning time with the addition of the most flaked oat ever used in a Storm brew, to balance the otherwise over intense roasted backbone of the beer. This Cyclone will stand up to the test of time, our Brew Master recommends aging this beer for years to come.


MALTS: North American Pale Malt, English Cara Malt, English Crystal Malt, English Chocolate Malt, English Roasted Malt, English Black Patent Malt, Canada Munich Malt, English Dextrin Malt

HOPS: Bittering: Magnum
          Flavor: East Kent Golding

TECH: OG: 22.5 plato - FG: 4.6 plato - SRM: 251 - IBUs: 47 - ABV: 10.1%

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Cyclone Series Yoko: Dark Ale with Coconut

2013 10/21

In sticking with our tradition of keeping a brewing adjunct secondary to the beer itself, this coconut porter style fits the mold. By brewing a slightly less roasted version of a porter, ample room was left to include a German chocolate wheat malt and coconut to give the beer its signature flavor. The brewers were able to , as they say, “dry-flake” toasted coconut flakes into the beer after fermentation. The toasted coconut adds just a touch of sweet coconut flavor into the finish of the beer and avoids the unsettling characteristics of artificial coconut extracts that are reminiscent of suntan lotion.


MALTS: North American Pale Malt, English Cara Malt, English Crystal Malt, German Chocolate Wheat

HOPS: Bittering: Warrior

DRY “FLAKED”: Medium Toast Coconut Flakes

TECH: OG: 22 plato - FG: 5.7 plato - SRM: 105 - IBUs: 45 - ABV: 7%

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Cyclone Series Xavier: A Sour Ale

2013 07/08

This sour ale with black cherries was truly a labor of love. After losts of experimenting, the brewers discovered a unique way to balance the sourness of the beer with the black cherries. By souring the beer with a cocktail of yeast and bacteria prior to fermentation they could control the delicate balance of bright sourness and deep tart flavors from the 400 pounds of cherries added after fermentation. After 3 months, the result is a refreshing, assertive, and slightly red sour ale with hints of interesting flavors like pineapple, mango and passion fruit. 


MALT: Noth American Wheat & North American Pale

HOPS: Bittering Warrior

DRY 'FRUITED': Pacific Northwest Bing Cherries

TECH: OG: 14.1 plato FG: 3.7 plato SRM: 6 IBUs: 5 ABV: 7%

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Cyclone Series Will: A West Coast IPA

2013 03/12

Newport Storm has always done things a little differently, but we like to think it’s for the better! Cyclone Will is no exception- this beer is as big and bold of a hopped-up beer as we’ve ever brewed! Following true West Coast IPA style, this latest in the Cyclone Series is nothing but pounds upon pounds of delicious hops! Named after the 4th founder of Newport Storm- Will Rafferty- who hails from the West Coast himself!


OG 18.4 pl FG 4.2 pl SRM 21 IBUs 89.5 ABV 8%

MALTS: North American Pale, North American German Munich Malt, North American Wheat

Hops: (Bittering) Warrior, Columbus, Nugget; (Flavoring) Cascade, Columbus, Centennial; (Aroma) Chinook, Columbus, Nugget

Initial Dry Hop: Columbus Final Dry Hop: Amarillo, Cascade, Columbus

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Cyclone Vlad: Russian Imperial Stout

2012 10/16

Brewing this Cyclone wasn't as easy as previous ones; it took round-the-clock brewing and three “maxed mash tuns” to deliver the high extract/sugar content which would translate into Vlad’s hefty ~ 9% ABV.  Further, extra tank conditioning time was required to create the smoothness.
All of the additional production effort is easily rewarded for those who love stouts specializing in dark roasted and chocolate flavors.  Over 15% of this finished brew was created by a confluence of darker specialty grains chosen to be just under the “whoa, that is an intense flavor” threshold.  Vlad drinks remarkably balanced given the higher alcohol and dark malt additions with flavors of rounded baker’s chocolate and dark roasted coffee.  We also used a new ingredient to us: chocolate wheat, to help create the lasting thick tan foam head that invites you to the next warming sip out of your favorite tasting glass. 
Warrior hops were chosen as the sole hop in this brew and were only added to create a rounded bitterness to compliment all that dark malty sweetness.  The emphasis with this brew are the waves of chocolate, roasted, cherry, coffee, and finishing roasted flavors that will almost pleasingly overwhelm you.


OG 19.8 pl    FG 5.3pl    SRM 225    IBUs 77    ABV 9%

MALTS: North American Pale, English chocolate Barley, English Roasted Barley, German Chocolate Wheat, English Cara Malt

Hops: US Warrior

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Cyclone Series Ursula: Pale Lager

2012 07/13

Ursula adds yet another unique twist to Newport Storm’s Cyclone Series of limited release beers. A first for the series, Ursula employs two different yeast strains (lager and champagne) added at different times to create this complex pale lager. Traditional European malt and Czech Saaz hops connect this beer with the roots of lager while the champagne yeast gives  it a remarkably dry and crisp finish for a beer over 6% ABV. Appropriately, for a beer from the Ocean State, Ursula is especially well suited at accompanying  all types of seafood. 

Process notes  –Long 5 week lager fermentation, Saaz dry hopping, secondary fermentation with champagne yeast.


OG  15.6 pl    FG  2.5 pl    SRM  9    ABV   6.1%    IBUs 19
Hops:  US Warrior   German tradition   Czech Saaz
MALTS:  North American Pale   German Vienna

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Cyclone Series Tim: Dunkelwiess

2012 04/05

Named after a long-time friend of the Brewery, Cyclone Tim is a Dunkelweiss – German for “Dark White” or “Dark Wheat” beer.  This style is EXTREMELY rare – less than a dozen Dunkelweissen exist!  Hefeweizen yeast is most often paired with a light malt profile, but in Cyclone Tim, dark carafa and roasted chocolate malt are used.  Enjoy banana and clove from the Hefeweizen yeast strain and chocolate from the imported German malt.  Everybody loves a great Tim!


ABV   7.0%IBUs 35SRM 42FG 2.6 plOG 14.8 pl
Hops:  German TettenangGerman tradition
Malts: English Crystal, German De-Husked Carafa, English Chocolate, North American Pale

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Cyclone Series Sabrina: A Belgian Pale Ale

2011 11/01

A limited release “Belgian Pale Ale,” Cyclone Sabrina is the delightful offspring of two brewing worlds – Belgian and American.  She was brewed in October on the second birthday of her namesake, Sabrina Ryan, daughter of one of Newport Storm’s founders.  Cyclone Sabrina (the beer) is quite simple up front (only pale malt was used) and relatively straight-forward without complicated hopping schedules.  We chose to let the authentic Belgian yeast’s attributes shine—with all its yummy carried phenols, bubble gum esters, and clove smells.  A Cascade citrus background ties this beer to American Pale Ales without overshadowing the yeast’s dominant profile.  Lastly, this is our first unfiltered brew released at the New Newport Storm Brewery and is, like ‘Cyclone Sabrina Ryan’ – beautifully unique.   


Hops- Bittering:Warrior Flavor:Cascade Finish:Cascade Dry Hops:Cascade

MALTS- Canada Pale  

OG 15 pl, FG 3.6 pl, SRM 13, IBUs 38, ABV 7.1  

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Cyclone Series Ryan: A Rye Pale Ale

2011 08/23

Cyclone Series Ryan is an unique "Rye Pale Ale" that shares its name with one of Newport Storm's founders.  The Rye Malt used is an unique brewing ingredient and lends an earthy, spicy flavor that cannot be achieved another way.  Amarillo hops give this beer its American Pale Ale kick.  


OG 17.7pl FG 3.6 pl SRM 21 IBUs 48 ABV 8.0   

Hops- Bittering: Chinook  Flavor: Columbus, Cascade  Finish: Saaz  

Dry Hops: loads of Amarillo    

MALTS- Canada Pale, Canada Malted Rye, English Crystal Rye Malt

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Cyclone Series Quinn: A Rum Barrel-Aged Porter

2011 05/01

The Cyclone Series’ first foray into barrel aged beers is nothing short of unique. With our rum distillery in the same building that we make our beer in, it only made sense we would choose to age a beer in rum, not whisky or bourbon, barrels. After over a year of testing and experimenting, we created an inky black porter to carefully age in our Thomas Tew Rum barrels. After just the right amount of aging, the resulting beer is a bold and roasted porter balanced with oak, butter, spice, and rum notes from the barrel aging process.


HOPS: German Magnum, East Kent Golding  
MALTS: North American Pale, North American Crystal, English Chocolate, English Cara Pils     
Aged in Thomas Tew Rum Barrels

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Cyclone Series Peter: A Spiced Ale

2010 12/01

(Retired)  This Cyclone was brewed with the winter months in mind.  Each delicious sip will conjure memories of a holiday fire and happy times from winters past.  Notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove and vanilla abound in the aroma and flavor of this brew, surely bringing out your best holiday spirit.  Peter has a strong malt background with a slight brown sugar sweetness from Belgian crystal malt.  He is lightly hopped to create a complex balance between malt, hops and the loads of spices added during fermentation.


MALT: Canada Pale, Breiss Crystal, Crisp Chocolate, Canada Munich, Cara Malt

HOPS: BITTERING: Centennial - FLAVOR: Aurora - FINISH: Cascade

SPICED WITH: Allspice, Nutmeg, Clove, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon

TECH: OG:      14.1 plato - FG: 2.8 plato - SRM: 33 - IBU: 30 - ABV: 7.5%

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Cyclone Series Ophelia: A Peach Ale

2010 09/01

(Retired)  She's a peach!  The use of imported special B-malt lends a natural 'raisiny' background flavor while cara-malt adds characteristic sweetness.  She's brewed to be peachy enough to please, but not to overwhelm. Think, "Peach Cobbler"-Ale and enjoy Ophelia with dessert!  5.9% ABV with 20 IBU.


ABV  5.9   IBUs 20   SRM 25   FG 3.6 pl   OG 13.2 pl
Hops: Aroma: Saaz, Flavor: Styrian Golding, Bittering: Chinook
Malts: Special B malt, Cara Malt, German Vienna, Canada Munich, Canada Pale
Natural Peach
Lactose to add ‘creaminess’

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Cyclone Series Neo A Cascade Pale Ale

2010 05/01

(Retired)  Neo is our ode to the beloved Cascade hop, argueably the most important hop in American Brewing. We created an original style: The “Cascade Pale Ale” weighing in at 7% ABV and 35 IBUs.  The four separate additions of Cascade hops weaved in to Neo showcase the natural citrus flavors characteristic to the Cascade Hop variety without overwhelming the palate with bitterness and will still have a malty enough profile to balance the brew. 


ABV 7.0%   IBUs 35   SRM 13   FG 1.012   OG 1.065
Hops: Dry hop: Cascade, Aroma: Cascade, Flavor: Cascade, Bittering: Cascade
Malts: German Vienna, Canada Pale

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Cyclone Series Mark: A Coffee Milk Stout

2009 10/30

(Retired)  Named after one of our founding members and original brewer, Mark Sinclair, we broke some tradition within our “cyclone series”.  Instead of “M” being named after a girl, the passion, heart, and sweat that Mark poured into the company during our first years of existence made it easy to buck this trend.  A brew designed by Adam Truesdale, we went with RI tradition using Autocrats “Espresso Coffee Extract” and added this into the brew after fermentation.  We really wanted to focus on the fun flavors of the extract and darker malts that contributed to Mark’s stout backbone, allowing the “RI” feel.  Further, Lactose, a milk sugar, was added to give the brew some creamy mouthfeel.  We didn't crowd this beer with too many hops...

This beer was soooooooooooooooo good when it came out, but due to the delicate flavors, expired quickly.  Any bottles you find now are collectors items outside, and beyond their freshness date inside.  Savor the memories...


Malts: Canada Pils, Munich Malt, Black Malt, Flaked Oats 
Hops: East Kent Goldings, Magnum, Northern Brewer 
OG 1.065, FG 1.020, SRM 222, IBU 33, ABV 7%

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Cyclone Series Luke: An India Red Ale

2009 03/30

(Retired)  There is a common theme here at the brewery: we have many that have first names as last names.  Luke is no exception, named after Derek Luke, our brewmaster.  We came up with the Indian Red Ale and wanted some serious carmel malt overtones to shine through on this.  Further it was dry hopped to perfection with copious quantities of Amarillo hops after fermentation.  Look for sweetness backed by characteristic Amarillo grapefruit overtones.


Malts: Canada Pale, Munich Malt, Crystal Malt 
Hops: Magnum, Centennial, Chinook 
OG 1.071, FG 1.016, SRM 28, IBU 65, ABV 8.6%

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Cyclone Series Kim: A Marzen Lager

2008 11/30

(Retired)  This Cyclone is named after Brent’s twin sister.  We basically had a lot of fun taking our Oktoberfest Recipe and “supersizing it”.  More Munich Malt.  More Vienna Malt.  More Lager Yeast Character.  More Chech Saaz hops.  Because it is a lager, it took longer than usual to ferment due to the cooler temperatures, even an additional two weeks as compared to our Fall Oktoberfest!


Malts: Canada Pale, Munich Malt, German Vienna Malt, English Cara Malt 
Hops: Magnum, German Tradition, Chech Saaz 
OG 1.062, FG 1.012, SRM 20, IBU 19, ABV 7.8%

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Cyclone Series James: A Scotch Ale

2008 08/30

(Retired)  Named after one of our brewers, James was brewed to be a Strong Scotch Ale traditionally known as a “Wee Heavy.” Brewed with a massive malt bill and mashed in at a higher than normal temp, we aimed to create a very complex malt profile. By using some Belgian crystal malt and boiling for an extra 30 minutes to create kettle caramelization, flavors of caramel, smoke, raisins and brown sugar abound. The use of a small percentage of Peat malt in the mash gives James the traditional smoked character found in Scottish Ales.  James was lightly hopped with English hops, enough to give it balance, but without interfering with the malt characteristics that make this brew one to warm you to the core.  


HOPS: Pilgrim, East Kent Golding, Fuggle
MALTS: Canada Pale, Munich Malt, Crystal Malt, Roasted Barley, , Black Malt, Belgian Special B Malt, Peat Malt
OG 1.075, FG 1.016, SRM 22, IBU 20, ABV 8.0%

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Cyclone Series Isabel: An India Amber Ale

2008 04/30

(Retired)  In Isabel, we combined the techniques traditionally used for brewing IPAs and the techniques we use for our own Amber Ale.  We aimed to make this beer hoppy enough to please “hopheads” and malty enough to match the hop profile and support the 9% ABV. We used both crystal and caramalt to give us the body and mouthfeel that lingers on the tongue.  We balanced that with some traditionally citrusy hops. After using Magnum for bittering, we added Centennial hops every 15 minutes during the boil until we whirlpooled with Cascade. The beer was then dry-hopped with Cascade and Amarillo. We hope that you enjoy.


HOPS: Magnum, Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo
MALTS: Canada Pale, Crystal, Munich, Caramalt, Amber
OG 19.7 plato, FG 4.1 plato, SRM 19, IBUs 53, ABV 9.0 %

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Cyclone Series Henry: A Dark Ale

2007 12/01

(Retired)  At the time of brew, Henry had the highest ‘terminal gravity’ of any beer we have made.  This means there are more “non-fermentables” remaining.  Purposefully created this way, the body of this beer is silky smooth and has an awesome mouthfeel, that is dead-on for a Munich dark style; over half the malt in this brew was Munich malt.  We used our house yeast strain to ferment this brew a little cooler, giving Henry extended tank time to be more true to the style, finishing lager-style dry and crisp.   Chocolate malts are abound in Henry and compliment bold meat dishes.  Henry was the first beer in the US to use the 2008 crop of the famous ‘German Tradition Hop.’  


ABV 7   IBU 20   SRM 39   FG 4.3   OG 17.4
Hops: German Tradition, German Magnum
Malt: Flaked Rye, Munich Malt, Crystal Malt, Chocolate Malt, Cara malt, Pilsner

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Cyclone Series Gloria: A Pumpkin Ale

2007 09/30

(Retired)  Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin.  Almost 600 pounds of pumpkin.  That’s over a ½ pound of pumpkin per case of beer!!!!  Couple this with lactose, dextrose, and 15 pounds of pumpkin spices and then came a chorus of, “that’s the best pumpkin beer I have ever had!”   When the sweet wort was first heat exchanged to the fermentor, it literally tasted like pumpkin pie. The pumpkin flavors faded slightly to the background of the brew after a few weeks, but then the spices came forward to really compliment everything.  If we were ever going to repeat a Cyclone…pumpkin-y crowd pleasing Gloria might be it! 


ABV    7.3%  IBU 16  SRM 11.5  FG 2.8  OG 16.5
Hops: Yakima Golding, Magnum
Malt: Munich Malt, Crystal Malt, Chocolate Malt, Pilsner Malt, Cara Malt, Canada Pale

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Cyclone Series Frank: A Wheat Beer

2007 06/30

(Retired) This Cyclone was a new lesson in microbiology as it required us to ‘prop up’ a new Belgian Wit yeast strain for it.  ‘Propping up’ is the process of making one small batch (4 gallons) of beer, and then taking advantage of the yeast cell’s exponential growth characteristics, using the organism again in larger and larger batches.  The time frame from the first tiny batch until the 2500 gallon batch was almost 1.5 months—under very close monitoring and sterile conditions.  Using a high percentage of wheat malt this beer arrives full on the front of the palate.  When “Frank” was boiling in our kettle we tossed in pounds and pounds of lemon peel, sweet orange peel, kaffir lime leaves, and freshly ground coriander.  Further, he was unfiltered and partially bottle-conditioned.  A certain treat for Belgian Wit lovers!


IBU 7   SRM 13   FG 4   OG 16
Hops Magnum, Saaz
Malt: Flaked Barley, Belgian Munich, Malted Wheat, Pilsner Malt, Canada Pale

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Cyclone Series Elle: An Extreme Belgian Ale

2007 04/30

(Retired)  We really strived for authenticity with Elle, a Belgian-style ale.  From the aromatic malts, to the Belgian Munich, we really researched our malt suppliers to get the best quality grains!  Brewing with the infamous “special B” was a trip as well, as it imparts such a unique “raisiny” flavor to the brew.  We were also able to acquire a load of Styrian Golding hops to balance and round out such a crazy malt backbone. 


Malts: Canada Pale, Munich, Belgian Aromatic, Belgian Special B, Cara Malt 
Hops: Styrian Golding, Saaz
OG 18.8, FG 4.3, SRM 20, IBU 16, ABV 8.1%

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Cyclone Series Derek: An Extreme Stout

2007 01/30

(Retired)  Named after our Head Brewer, Derek, this brew is everything Derek is not—bold, dark, and very stoutlike!  Loads of Chocolate and Roasted malts give this brew zero opacity.  The beer is chock-full of IBU, but those darker malts mask much of the flavor of the hops, hence the additions of the aromatic Styrian Goldings!

Rumor has it that Derek with be throwing himself a 50th birthday party featuring his beer at it.  Many homebrewers have requested the recipe for this and it is given below as a percentage.  Bear in mind we used 8526 pounds of malt for 1200 cases, so give it try and give us a bottle!  There were no final aroma hop additions.


Malts: Canada Pale (72), Munich (4.7), Chocolate (4.5), Roasted (8.2), Flaked barley (10.6)
Hops: Magnum (41 IBU), Golding (11 IBU), Styrian Golding (9 IBU)
OG 19.75, FG 3.8, SRM 235, IBU 61, ABV 8.7%

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Cyclone Series Chloe: An Extreme Pale Ale

2006 09/30

(Retired)  Finally an Extreme IPA for the hophead!!!  Named after a brewery niece, craft brew lovers repeatedly ask us to remake Chloe, our Imperial IPA. We dry hopped Chloe with loads of the hop Chinook that lent a wonderful grapefruity character to the brew!  Cherish any bottles you can find.  PROST!


HOPS: Magnum, Chinook, Cascade, East Kent Golding
MALTS: Canada Pale, Munich, Cara Malt, Vienna
OG 19, FG 2.5, SRM 13, IBU 75, ABV 8.6%

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Cyclone Series Brent: An Extreme Bock

2006 05/30

(Retired)  Our first attempt at a bock style and this dark lager was meant to be sweet and rich—many people commented it tastes like a piece of liquid candy!  Huge percentages of the sweet chocolate malt coupled with almost 500 pounds of dextrose really gave this beer a unique twist that anyone with a sweet-tooth would die for!  Named after our company’s president, Brent Ryan; it is must be nice to have your name on 27,000 labels…


HOPS: Magnum, Hersbrucker
MALTS: Canada Pale, Munich, Chocolate, Dextrose
OG 18.3, FG 2.8, SRM 109, IBUs   26, ABV 8.5%

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Cyclone Series Alyssa: An Extreme Brown Ale

2006 01/01

(Retired)  Alyssa, named after Brent’s beloved Porshe, kicked off our “Cyclone Series”.  We plan on releasing a new beer, about 1,000 cases at a whack, every four months or so.  We name them like you name hurricanes (alphabetically, alternating boy girl, boy girl) and we will make sure to stop on each letter—no National Weather Service wussouts when it comes to “q” and “x”.  This inaugural brew was an award winning Brown ale.  Its ABV topped out in the 8.1% range, but had a sweet smoothness that masked the high alcohol.  Certainly worthy of its class five status, Alyssa blew in to town and flew off the shelves and has been permanently retired!  If you still have some un-opened ones, save them!  They might be a collector’s item one day.


HOPS: Magnum, Perle, East Kent Golding
MALTS: Canada Pale, Munich, Caramel, Cara Malt, Dextrose
OG 17.5, FG 2.6, SRM 83, IBU 33, ABV 8.1%

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