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Mass HysteRIa


With a focus on citrusy hops from the southern hemisphere and an oak barrel finish, this double IPA is just the thing to get hysterical about- if you’re into that sort of thing. Our second foray into barrel aged beers is a medley of old world/new world brewing techniques and an ingredient list that spans the globe. For this particular brew we chose unique hops that couple well with a second generation rum barrel. Copious amounts of Cluster hops, the first hop ever cultivated in the US, were mixed with New Zealand Orbit, Bavaria Mandarina and Australia Summer Leaf hops invoking substantial citrus, melon and tangerine notes that indulge the senses.  Far from the days of holding rum in its bowels, the hops shine and take advantage of the toasted oak flavors the barrels contain. While it is unlikely this beer will inspire chaos on the magnitude of a city wide paranormal outbreak from an 80s movie, we do hope you are as excited as we are about this special brew. 


Malts: North American Pale, North American Munich, North American Cara Pils, North American Malted Wheat, English Cara Malt

Hops: Cluster, Cascade, Columbus, New Zealand Orbit, German Saphire Leaf, Bacarian Mandarina, Australian Summer Leaf, Cascade Leaf, Chinook Leaf

Yeast: House American Ale

OG: 18.5 plato  FG: 4.6 plato  SRM: 13.5  IBU: 66  ABV: 8.1%

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Angel's Envy


Unlike many other breweries, Newport Storm shares warehouse space with Newport Distilling Company, distillers of Thomas Tew Rum.  Years of experimentation with aging various Newport Storm beers in once used rum barrels allowed us to perfect our first foray into a 22 ounce bottle project.  A recipe of English Chocolate coupled with North American Pale and Crystal malts were chosen for primary fermentation, and after filtration, roughly 300 gallons of this lightly hopped brew was carefully transferred into just emptied (like just literally hours after bottling)Thomas Tew Rum barrels.

After 7 months in the heavily charred wooden barrels, big flavors of caramel, vanilla, oak and aged rum had gently seeped into the brew, creating complex layered flavors ready to be bottled.  All 6 barrels were recombined back in a bright tank, and received a calculated dose of “speisse”—actively fermenting beer with a small amount of yeast and sugar.  Over 1300 bottles were hand filled and capped in a day and allowed to sit and naturally carbonate in the bottle.


MALTS: North American Pale, North American Crystal, English Chocolate

HOPS: Bittering- German Magnum, Flavor- East Kent Golding

YEAST: House American Ale

OG                  13.5  plato

FG                    0.7 plato

ABV                 8%

SRM                 27

IBU                   30

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RIèzes, our latest barrel aged brew, is a copper hued Belgian style ale. The hops take a back seat in this brew as the malt characteristics shine through. Munich malt, Belgian Special B and Belgian Candy Sugar bring forth aromas and tastes of raisin, brown sugar and caramel. The Belgian yeast strain, with reported links to Chimay, rounds out this brew and offers a sweet bakers bread finish. Find a corner of your own to stash this limited release ale aged in oak barrels. Better yet, just drink it. Find this brew near you! 


MALTS: Munich, Canada Pale, Belgian Special B

KETTLE: Dextrose, Belgian Amber Candy Sugar (boost ABV, gives up front sweetness)

HOPS: Bittering- tradition, flavor- tettang, late addition Czech Saaz

YEAST: special Belgian Yeast Stain with reported links to Chimay Belgium

Aged in Thomas Tew Rum barrels for 3 months

IBU: 29 SRM: 7 ABV: 12%



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The SheRIff

Watch out! The SheRIff of Rock RIdge, is here and trust us when we say this latest barrel aged brew is nothing to scoff at. A recipe of chocolate wheat, North American oats, pale malt and wheat malts was chosen for the base beer and put into 8 Thomas Tew Rum barrels. Brewing with high proportions of intense darker malts brought forth aroma and tastes similar to that of a rich coffee roast and baker’s chocolate. With The SheRIff, our brewers wanted to dabble into natural spiciness adding in German chocolate rye, a malt never before used in the brew house, and an aggressive Belgian yeast strain. After 5 months in the heavily charred wooden barrels, big flavors of caramel, toffee, oak and aged rum gently seeped into the brew, creating complex layered flavors ready to be consumed! A brew with dark malts and a Belgian background? We have a feeling the residents of Rock Ridge would approve and we hope you do too!

As far as consumption goes, suggested retail purchase would be two bottles. The first should be enjoyed with friends out by the campfire on a cool summer night, because who are we kidding you’ll want to try this the moment you get your hands on it. For bottle number two, we encourage you to stash it away and even challenge you to see how long you can age it because this pitch black brew is only going to get better with time.

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MALTS: North American Pale, English Crystal, North American Wheat, North American Munich, Chocolate Wheat, North American Oats, English Cara Malt, German Chocolate Rye

HOPS: Bittering: Warrior Flavor: Tradition, East Kent Golding Aroma: Aged Saaz hops,Tradition, East Kent Golding

YEAST: Belgian Achouffe

OG:20  plato  FG: 1.4  plato SRM: 147  IBU:53 ABV: 12 %  

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foRIster- a beer for Bobby Forster

This collaboration beer, a first from our Barrelatory, was inspired by,and brewed for Newporter Bobby Forster. A former crew member with Newport Storm, Bobby was diagnosed with A.L.S. in December of 2014.

Canada pale malt and malted wheat give foRIster a golden hue and 3 months of barrel aging leaves a slight oak finish on the palate. Cascade, Citra (Bobby’s favorite) and Motueka hops were added to this brew after aging to preserve the juicy hop flavors of orange, grapefruit and nectar fruits.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer goes to funding A.L.S research and supporting Bobby’s journey. To find out more about Bobby, or to donate, CLICK HERE 

“This beer represents a celebration of Bobby’s life and a chance to raise A.L.S. awareness in his local community and beyond.” -Brewmaster & friend Derek Luke

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MALTS: Canada pale, Canada wheat, Dextrin malt, Vienna malt

HOPS: El Dorado, Cascade, Citra, NZ Motueka

YEAST: California Ale

OG: 16.7 plato FG: 2.3 plato SRM: 4.27 IBU: 66.7 ABV: 8.4%

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Smoke RIng

A smoked porter aged in oak barrels for several months, Smoke RIng took an unexpected journey. Hardwood smoked barley and chocolate malt are matched with crystal malt giving this brew a rich burgundy hue and a faint tan head. The aroma almost makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a campfire deep in the woods, but don’t let that color or aroma fool you! One sip of this beer sends your taste buds on a crazy ride from smoke, to cherry tartness, to a dry chocolate finish. The tartness led us to believe there was a slightly wild ferment going on in those barrels, something we didn’t expect, but love because of the flavor it gives to the beer!

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ABV 7%

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infeRIority complex

infeRIority complex, a Brett beer, is the sixth installment in Newport Storm Brewery’s barrel aging beer program. With heavy doses of Canada Rye and crisp Dextrin malts, the base of this beer was Belgian inspired with a spicy, slick and slightly sweet mouthfeel. Aged Czech Saaz hops were incorporated to balance out the sweetness from these malts and lend a pleasant earthy tone that blends well with the flavors emanating from the barrel. After lying in Thomas Tew Rum barrels for 4 months, Brettanomyces yeast was introduced and quickly got to work adding elements of stone fruit and cherry to the brew. Very initial tests showed a pronounced sourness to the beer so aging time was extended to mellow out its complexities and impart balance between the barrel and its contents. This style of beer is one that cannot be rushed so brewers waited diligently for it to show them when it was ready to make its debut. So without further adieu, let us introduce Newport Storm’s, and arguably RI’s, most complex beer to date.


MALTS: Pale, Malted wheat, Munich, Cara Red, Canada Rye, Dextrin

HOPS: Czech Saaz

YEAST: House American Ale, secondary Bret/Lacto wild yeast

IBU- 12.4 SRM- 37.2 OG- 16.5 FG- 4.0 ABV- 7%

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InfRIngement is the culmination of nearly 4 years of test brewing and development. From figuring out what beers go best with our Thomas Tew Rum barrels, to how long to age, and how well the beer holds up in the bottles, the brewers have spent years tuning and tweaking to get everything just right. The end result is a Russian Imperial Stout that is aged in freshly dumped Thomas Tew Rum barrels. The beer was designed to have enough roasted bitterness and body to balance out the impacts of the sweetness from the barrel and the pickup of the remnants of rum. InfRIngement goes well beyond just throwing beer in a barrel. It is the destination after a 4 year exploration into the realm of beer aging in rum barrels. Only a small amount of beer resulted from the project and that was placed in 22oz bottles for our fans to enjoy. 10% ABV

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MALTS: North American Pale, North American Munich, Flaked Oats, English Black, English Chocolate, English Roasted, Canadian Wheat, English Cara, German Chocolate Wheat

HOPS: Warrior, East Kent Golding

YEAST:House American Ale

OG: 19.3  plato FG: 4.4 plato SRM:147 IBU: 61 ABV: 10%

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