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Rhode Island Blueberry Beer

RI Blueberry Beer - Made with Local Berries!

Rhode Island Blueberry Ale

Available Year Round:

Our “other” year round brew is a Kolsch style beer made with real Rhode Island Blueberries. Fermented at colder temperatures, but using our American Ale yeast strain eliminates conflicting fruity esters other fruit beers might posses. We feel that the addition of juice from real, hand pressed Rhode Island Blueberries shouldn’t have to compete with the natural fruit background of the yeast. Pale Malt makes up the base of the grist bill, but this brew also calls for a large amount of malted wheat, an ingredient that lends a soft mouthfeel to the beer. Further, there is enough Cara malt to ensure a sweetness everyone will enjoy. Hops are chosen to compliment and balance the brew as it is bittered with a small amount of Magnum and flavored with English Pilgrim to lightly accent this truly unique ale.


Malts: North American Pale, North American Malted Wheat, English Cara Pils

Hops: Magnum, Pilgrim

Yeast: Cold fermented American Ale

Other: Fresh blueberry juice additions five days into fermentation

SRM: 9   IBU: 11   OG: 10.8 plato   FG: 1.9 plato   ABV: 4.6%

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