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Four unique brewery founders - Four unique Storms of the Season!

Smoked Porter


Brewed especially for 12 Sheets, this robust mahogany hued ale boasts quite a unique falvor. As the velvety liquid cascades across the palate you’ll taste something familiar, bacon! Now, you’ll never believe us, but we assure you no pigs were harmed in the making of this beer. This brew has a malt forward recipe that calls for 3/4 of the total amount of grain to be slowly smoked over Beechwood.  English Cara, Dextrin, and Chocolate malts provide sweetness and color to merry with the “BBQ” background. Though hops are used to balance, they take a back stage to the wonderful flavors and aromas that only slow smoking produce. One sip of this brew and you’ll be saying “I can’t believe it’s not bacon”!


Malts: German Smoked Barley, English Crystal, English Cara, German Chocolate Wheat, Canada Munich, Canada Pale

Hops:  German Magnum, East Kent Golding

Yeast: American Ale

SRM:  83.3

IBU:    21.5

OG      14.1 plato

FG       3.9  plato

ABV    6.1%

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Boasting 3 pounds of pumpkin per keg, coupled with lactose milk sugar, a touch of chocolate malt for a ruby/orange color, caramel and cara malts for sweetness and copious quantities of pale malt, the only ingredient left for this liquid pumpkin pie libation was spices.  Staying true to RI, we sourced those spices locally from Spice Mill, located in Wakefield, RI.  The mixture of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and cloves will ‘warm you up with a cold one,’ all fall and winter long! Available: on draft and in bottles 9/1 – 12/31.


MALTS: Canada Pale, Cara Malt, Chocolate Malt, Crystal Malt, Munich Malt

HOPS: Magnum, Yakima Golding

OG: 15.3  FG: 2.8  SRM: 11.5  IBU: 16  ABV 6.7%

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Newport Storm Pilsner is brewed as traditionally as possible and undoubtedly captures the essence of this historic beer style. The brewers start with a heavy dose of pale malt and a touch of Vienna malt to give this new brew a residual sweetness and depth. Unique to this beer is the exclusive use of Saaz hops in the boil which envelops the Pilsner in bitterness and flavor. The most important attribute to this style of beer is the authentic Czeh lager yeast and traditional longer fermentation time which produces favorable flavor and aroma of crisp green apple and lemon grass. After 4 weeks of conditioning, the Newport Storm Pilsner provides an exceptionally crisp and refreshing taste, perfect for those lazy summer days.

*Buyer beware: this unique brew can only be found in the 12 Sheets to the Wind Summer Variety Pack


Malts: North American Pale, North American Vienna

Hops: Czech and American Saaz

Yeast: European Pilsner

SRM: 9.1 IBU: 23 OG: 11.9 plato FG: 3.8 plato ABV: 4.8%

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Spring Irish Red Ale


The official beer of the 61st Annual Newport St. Patrick's Day Parade, our Spring Ale is the perfect brew for New England springs, which can be a little on the brisk side. Roasted hazelnut flavors and an “Irish red” color make this a perfect beer to watch any Saint Patrick’s Parade in the area. And the use of a kettle and dry hops from the United Kingdom add even more of an Irish authenticity this seasonal beer. Track down a bottle or draft line in Rhode Island and be sure to join us for our pint night countdown to parade day on Saturday, March 11th!


MALTS: North American Pale, English Roasted Malt, English Amber Malt, English Cara, Hugh Bards Crystal, Dextrin Malt

HOPS:German Magnum, East Kent Golding, Cascade, Centennial

YEAST:House American Ale

OG 12.7  plato   FG  3.3   plato   SRM 18   IBU 44   ABV 5.5%

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Winter Porter

The darkest beer in our Storm of the Season line up comes out when the nights are longest. We use Dark Chocolate and Crystal malts to make this bold porter style ale. Enough East Kent Golding hops are used to flavor the brew. However, no aroma hops are added which allows the malt profile of this brew to take center stage.


MALTS: North American Pale, North American Crystal, English Chocolate , English Cara-pils

HOPS: German Magnum, East Kent Golding

YEAST: American Ale

OG: 13.9 plato  FG: 2.1 plato   SRM 61   IBU: 33   ABV: 5.9%

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Oktoberfest Marzen Lager

This is our most technical brew to make and one of our only lagers. The colder and longer fermentation requires precision and patience. True to the Maarzen style, copious amounts of German Vienna, Carapils, and Munich Malts lend a sweetness people ask for all year! German Tradition and Czech Saaz hops are added post boil to really authenticate this fantastic crowd favorite!


MALT: North American Pale, German Vienna, German Munich, English Carapils

HOPS: German Magnum, East Kent Golding, German Tradition, Czech Saaz

YEAST: European Lager

OG 13.6 plato  FG: 2.9 plato  SRM: 10   IBU: 14   ABV: 5.6%

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Summer Hefeweizen

In 2012, we changed the style of our summer offering from an IPA to an unfiltered hefeweizen ale.  Over 80% of the grains this brew are derived from malted wheat which lends an exceptional softness to the palate.  Naturally underlying, but not overpowering, banana esters arise on the nose, providing an exceptional addition to enjoying this beer’s experience.  We LOVE these flavors and they are brought out by the yeast, so we made a decision to leave this beer 100% unfiltered. Hence, there is a natural yeast sediment in the bottles that you can chose to decant off of or swirl up to be poured into your favorite tasting glass.  Lastly what makes this beer truly unique is addition of hops after this beer’s fermentation: we have chosen the perfect combination to give a 100% natural citrusy lemon aroma and taste alleviating the “obligatory” orange wedge garnish.  At 4.5% it is literally the PERFECT sunny day (or really any day) brew: Newport Storm Summer Hefeweizen!


MALTS: North American WheatNorth American Pale

YEAST: Hefeweizen

HOPS: US Cascade, US Tettenang

OG 8.7 plato   FG 1.7 plato   SRM 18   IBU 23   ABV 4.5%

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