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Brewed and named sequentially like tropical storms, only a small batch of each unique and assertive Cyclones is made! Only the most recent letters of the alphabet are available!

High Test


This smooth like silk stout is a perfect afternoon or evening pick me up. Coffee and sweet chocolate aromas fill this brew. Locally roasted Guatemalan coffee from Empire tea & Coffee add subtle hints of caramel and Nougat. Black Patent, Roasted Barley, and Chocolate Wheat malts create depth with roasted flavors. Magnum and Equinox hops balance out the finish just like your favorite cup of joe. So hold the cream and sugar and enjoy this one straight up. 


MALTS: Canada Munich Malt, Canada Pale Malt, Black Patent Malt, Chocolate Wheat, Roasted Barley, Flaked Barley

HOPS: Magnum, Equinox

OG: 17.7 plato FG: 3.8 plato  SRM: 163 IBU: 53 ABV: 8%

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This not quite Berliner Weisse, not quite Belgian Sour is our way of taking the unique flavors from a soured ferment and balancing them with real cherries. it should be obvious why we put “sour” in the name. Why they put “puss” in the name, well…

The brewers challenged themselves with this sour wheat ale when they decided to play with multiple strains of lactobacillus (a wild yeast strain) instead of just one, and they were rewarded with this lip-puckering brew! The backbone of Sourpuss consists of North American wheat malt, North American pale malt and just a dash of bittering Warrior hops. The real icing, or should we say cherry on the top, comes from 450 pounds of Oregon dark cherries added to sweeten up this brew while remaining true to the sour ale style.


MALTS: North American Pale, North American Wheat

HOPS: Warrior

YEAST: American Ale, after souring

SRM: 6 IBU: 5 OG: 12.5 FG: 2.3 ABV: 5.6%


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Rye of the Storm

Unlike its sweet cousin Barley or its mild sister Wheat, Rye is a spicy SOB all its own. We get ridiculous with this one and doubled the Rye and the IPA.  This beer goes way beyond adding a bunch of citrusy hops in the kettle and slapping “IPA” on the label.  If “the Storm” was gonna make a Rye, this would be it.  Oh wait, “the storm” did make this one.


HOPS: Magnum, Columbus, Cascade, Saaz, Tradition, Obit, Centennial (whole leaf)

YEAST: American Ale

SRM: 22.2 IBU: 58 OG: 19.5 FG: 4.1 ABV: 8%

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Red Dawn

This Russian Imperial Stout sticks to traditional style guidelines utilizing English Chocolate Malt and German Chocolate Wheat to bring forth a rich chestnut color and deep tan head. Never ones to stick completely to tradition though, brewers decided to get extreme with Red Dawn and highlight the roast characteristics of this brew that are often masked by the chocolate sweetness. The use of Canada Pale Malt, Castle Special B Malt and English Black Malt gives this brew a complex flavor of raisin, plum and roasted nuts. Magnum hops were used for bitterness to balance out the chocolate malts, while flaked barley and oats were layered in to create a velvety mouthfeel and smooth finish.


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MALTS: Canadian Pale 2 row, Castle Special B, English Black Malt, Roasted Barley, Flaked Oats

HOPS: Magnum

SRM: 341 IBU: 60 OG: 19.8 FG: 4.3 ABV: 9%

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Wham! Bam! Van Damme

By revisiting the recipe of a beer made nearly 6 years ago, the brewers of Storm had the chance to further explore Belgian Pale Ales and experiment with different brewing techniques. For WBVD, brewers Derek and Jason wanted to highlight the specially selected Belgian yeast and the unique flavor it imparts to a brew. By allowing for higher fermentation temperatures, the Belgian yeast brought forth notes of fresh ground black pepper and spice to the brew. Dry hopped fro two weeks with Chinook (locally grown), Columbus, Australian Summer and German Saphir hops, prominent aromas of stone fruit and pint that first meets the nose blend well and evoke memories of vanilla mixed with bubble gum 


Hops: Golding, Saaz, Cascade, Chinook, Columbus, Australian Summer, German Saphir

Yeast: Belgian Ardennes 

SRM: 3.9  IBU: 25  OG: 18 plato  FG: 1.4 plato  ABV: 8%

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Unknown Variable

The release of Unknown Variable marks not only our first 4 pack of 2016, but our brewery's first venture in working with experimental hops! Experimental #7 and #33 aren’t your regular run of the mill hops. These new varieties were specially crafted by growers and we were lucky enough to have the chance to work with them!

As far as flavor profile is concerned, the malts in this golden hued brew take a back seat as you dive face first into a beervana bliss of peaches and plum. At 8% ABV this double IPA is dangerously light and crisp, perfect for the Spring days ahead. What does your brew future hold? You may never know. But what us brewers here at Storm do know is that with this beer in your hand your taste buds are about to venture on a hoptastical journey.

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MALTS: Munich Malt, 2 Row Malt, Wheat

HOPS: Experimental #33, Experimental #7, Equinox, Dry- Cascade

SMR: 9  IBU: 82  OG: 15.1  FG: 2.1  ABV: 8%

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This savory honey colored saison ale is bursting with flavor. Locally sourced Annie B's Honey Farm , adds a touch of sweetness to this brew. Pure saison yeast worked around the clock like a busy bee creating hints of lemongrass, pepper and ginger. Golding, Equinox and Tettang hops don't bitter this beer, but rather bring out fragrant aromas of apple and pear. Canada pale, Canada wheat and honey malts round out the brew for a smooth, satisfying finish.

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MALTS: Canada Pale, Canada Wheat, and Honey Malt

HOPS: Goldings, Equinox, Tettnang

SRM:7.43  IBU: 20 OG: 15.5  FG: 3  ABV: 7%


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