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Big beers that follow no set style! Designed to age beautifully.

Annual Release '16


There’s been something unique about each of the seventeen annual release beers we’ve made since 2000. This year’s iteration finds its place as the sweetest of them all. Of course, there’s a lot more to the story than just that. One of Derek’s favorite ingredients, chocolate, comes back again and is joined this time with milk sugar and vanilla. As for that chocolate, its finds it way into this beer in two different ways. Chocolate malt helps build the base for this beer and then cacao nibs from Ghana finish off the chocolatey flavor. Don’t decide between your chocolate and beer, open a bottle of ‘16 and have them both. 

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MALTS: Canada Pale, Canada Munich, Barid's Chocolate, Flacked Oats

HOPS: German Tettnang, German Tradition

YEAST: House Yeast

OG: 22.5 plato  FG: 4  plato  SRM:179  IBU:28  ABV: 11%



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Annual Release '15


The crew here at Newport Storm Brewery loves bacon. In fact, their 2014 fall office meeting, which was dominated by the smoky meat, is now referred to as “Baconfest”. Inspired by this feast, brewers set out on a mission to capture the savory flavors, sans swine, employing vast amounts of specialty malts and barley. In light of the recent discovery that bacon might not be the best thing to eat, it looks like the Annual Release ‘15 came not a moment too soon!

Test batches for the ‘15 spanned nearly 2 years as brewers experimented with hardwood smoked barley to get the “bacon effect”, but a key ingredient was still missing. Brew Master Derek Luke fondly recalls the day he found the malt that would round out this limited brew, “Much like a wild boar searching for truffles, I stumbled across a dry sample of a certain kilned malt in the brewery forest that smelled just like milk chocolate”. The discovery of Baird’s chocolate malt made the theme of this beer instantly clear, chocolate covered bacon! Though hops are used to balance, they take a back seat to the wonderful flavors and aromas that only smoked barley can produce. At 11% ABV, this velvety black brew will have you saying, “I can’t believe it’s not bacon!”. To find a bottle of your own, click here



MALTS: Canada Pale, Canada Munich, Barid's Chocolate, German Beechwood Smoked Barley

HOPS: German Tettnang, German Tradition

YEAST: American Ale

OG: 22.5 plato  FG: 3.5  plato  SRM:205  IBU:19  ABV: 11%

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Annual Release '14


On January 5, 2014 our founders, Brent and Derek, braved the elements during an impressive Newport snowstorm to make our first ever snow beer. Armed with shovels, sleds and a multiple layers of clothing, the crew spent 8 hours transferring 1300 gallons worth of melted snow into our brew kettle. Canadian Wheat and Pale Malt were mashed in with the melted snow and German Magnum and Tradition hops were used to tame this snow beast of a brew. Classic hefeweizen yeast was used to ferment this winter’s harvest and during conditioning a small percentage of water was frozen out of the beer to intensify the unique flavors. Amber hued, this year’s ’14 boasts playful but intense characteristics. The hefeweizen yeast invokes banana and subtle clove aromas inviting sip after interesting sip of this sweet and warming brew. 

When it comes to brewing the Annual Release the rules are, there are no rules. However, we made an exception for ‘14 and vowed to use only snow. The countless trips from brew yard to brew house paid off in the end. Correct us if we’re wrong, but we do believe we’ve crafted the world’s first snow beer for you drinking pleasure. 


MALTS:Canadian Malted Wheat, Canadian Pale Malt

HOPS: German Magnum, German Tradition

YEAST: American Ale

WATER: Hand shoveled snow, melted in kettle

OG: 23.3 plato  FG: 4.9  plato  SRM:24.7   IBU:15.5  ABV: 11.4%

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Annual Release '12


Brwed as an 'ode to the Mayan gods' the Annual Release '12 will hopefully prolong the end of the world, giving us plenty of time to enjoy it all! The ingredient list speaks towards native Mayan ingredients including Flaked Corn, Cocoa nibs, Blue Agave, and a special blend of Habanero and Chipolte peppers that will excite the taste buds! This bottle-conditioned beer was aged for close to 10 months and released just in time for fans to grab it up before December 21...


MALTS: Canadian Pale, English Chocolate, Flaked Corn, North American Crystal

HOPS: Warrior

TECH: OG: 24 plato - FG: 5.1 plato - SRM: 67 - IBUs 30 - ABV: 11.1%

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Annual Release '11: RI's Collaboration Beer


To celebrate our first year in our new facility we invited each of our professional brewing peers in Rhode Island to join us for a collaboration brew. Together, the brewmasters from the Ocean State created a beer using hops and honey from Rhode Island, rum barrels from our distillery, and one brewpub’s Belgian yeast. They made it red in honor of the State’s unofficial mascot, the Rhode Island Red Rooster. Per usual, no style guidelines were used but you can rest assured that brewers Aaron, Adam, Dave, Derek, Marshall, Sean, and Tom saw to it that this beer is as good as Rhode Island is small. It took 7 brewers and almost an entire year to create this unique ¬¬beer. This beer truly “goes to eleven.”


MALT: Canadian Pale,  English and US Crystal, German Munich, UK Coffee 

HOPS: Aroma - tettenang, Flavor - Santium, Bittering - Magnum

OG 24.2 plato, FG 5.1 plato, SRM 17, IBUs 105, ABV 11.7

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Annual Release '10


Our first Annual Limited Release beer of the new decade provides a bit of mischevious deception. This pitch black brew visually indicates a beer dominated by roasted and malty flavors. However, one sip will reveal that this beer is all about the Fuggle hop. A total of 74 IBUs of hops spice up the aroma and bitter this big ale. Although still quite balanced by the large amount of pale malt used to build the base for this beer, it is clear that this black liquid was built to feature the hops and not the malt. As with each of its predecessors, it has taken us extra time to make this brew, so be sure to savor each unique sip.  


MALTS: Canada Pale, German Munich, Carafa III

HOPS: German Magnum, Perle, English Fuggle

OG: 1.112  FG: 1.020  SRM: 148  IBUs: 74  ABV:12.1%

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Annual Release '09


We looked across the pond for some help with this one—and Belgium is where the landed.  Belgian ales are often unfiltered and wheat based.  We added a twist to that style by adding tons of hops without trying to turn it into a Belgian Imperial.  So armed with an imported yeast strain, Belgian aromatic malt and a thirst for adventure we fired up the brew kettle!


Malts: Belgian Aromatic, Canadian Wheat, North American Pale

Hops: Dry hop cascade, Cascade, Centennial, German Magnum

OG: 22.5 plato  FG: 3.1 plato  SRM: 16  ABV: 11.9%

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Annual Release '08


Sticking to our goal of making our Annual beers unique and not bound by any style – we brewed the ’08 to crave!  Real oats, molasses, vanilla and sugar were used in the brewing of this beer.  The malt bill also asked for some Belgian “special B’ malt to lend some raison background tart flavor.  Carbonated to perfection, this beer is meant to be savored before or after dessert pending on what your sweet tooth craves!


Malts: Roasted Barley,Cara Malt, Flaked Oats, North American Crystal, Belgian Special B, German Munich, North American Pale

Hops: Perle, Northern Brewer, German Magnum

ABV 11.9%    IBU 34    SRM 48    FG 3.7    OG 26 plato

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Annual Release '07


Contrary to the ‘04’, we strived to brew the darkest concoction The Newport Storm Brewery has ever made.  To achieve this, we used 7 types of malts and 7 types of hops to really celebrate the year!  Dark as night, this brew has loads of complex coffee and toffee notes and pours with low carbonation to really emphasize the sweet malty flavors!  Excellent with rich chocolate desserts or by itself while sitting by a warming winter’s fire.


Malts: North American Flaked Barley, English Cara-malt, English Black, English Chocolate, English Roasted, German Munich, North American Pale

Hops: Cascade, US Mount Hood, Yakima Golding, US Northern Brewer, German Perle, English Chinook, German Magnum

ABV 10.8%    IBU 68    FG 3.3    OG 24.1

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Annual Release '06


Again, uniqueness drives the creation of this annual release—inspiring a whisky theme!  Knowing we were going to age the brew in wet whisky barrels, we added peat and biscuit malts to really aim at emulating the Wild West into an huge East Coast strong Ale.  After almost a month in stainless steel tanks, this brew was racked into these wood barrels for six weeks!  The brewery had wonderful aromas during bottling day as the smells of scotch and oak filled the air!  


MALT: Scottish Peat malt, Biscuit Malt, North American Pale

HOPS: East Kent Golding, Chinook

ABV 11.9%    IBU 27    SRM 32    FG 4.3  plato     OG 25.6 plato 

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Annual Release '05


With the release of ’05, for the first tiem our brewery was able to boast that it created a fruit beer!  But this fruit beer would be different than all the rest with a sexy mix of chocolate and raspberry.  The flavor of the brew is very sweet from loads of malt, but faint hops are distinguishable on the tongue as well.  The backbone screams “dessert” though, with almost 40 pounds of East African Cocoa added to compliment natural raspberry flavors!


MALT: North American Pale, German Munich

HOPS: German Magnum, German Perle

OG    24.3 palto, FG    4.4  plato, SRM     38, IBU    26, ABV    11.7%

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Annual Release '04


The previous four “extreme beer series” were all dark in color, and we wanted to try the opposite with this holiday brew.  Our goal: the lightest color, the highest ABV, and only the four noble hops used in it!  Of all our entries, this baby needed some aging to calm down the 14.1% ABV!  After the hand cork is popped, faint grassy aromas fill the nose from the late Saaz hop additions.  Let this bottle breathe after you open it, if you can find one!!!


MALTS: European Pilsner, German Vienna

HOPS: Spalt Spalter, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, Czech Saaz, Tettenang Tettenanger

OG 26.5, FG 0.5 plato, SRM 9, IBU 35, ABV 14

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Annual Release '03


A one of a kind creation once again, the ’03 was chosen to be a huge, strong lager.  We searched the world’s major yeast suppliers and were able to find a strain capable of making a brew over 12% abv!  Its aroma tricks your nose into thinking it has been aged in wooden casks for a considerable time.  Its color is deeply inviting as well with Roasted and Munich malts used for the first time in our “extreme beer series”.  Best enjoyed warmly in a brandy snifter, this brew is a sipper for sure!


MALTS: European Pale, English Roasted Malts, German Munich, Dextrose, Enzyme
HOPS: German Magnum, Cascade
OG    27.4 plato, FG    3.4 plato, SRM    72, IBU    60, ABV    11.9%

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Annual Release '02


Among the “internet rated beers” this was by far our highest mark!  We made this huge beer using only Marris Otter Pale malt.  Further, we tried to make this brew our hoppiest yet to date at 102 IBUs using loads of cascade and magnum hops.  It is extremely rare to find now—a true gem that should be savored only in company worthy of appreciating this fine example of a well-made, strong ale.


MALT: Marris Otter

HOPS: German Magnum, East Kent Golding, Cascade

OG 28.75, FG 5.4, SRM 23, IBU 100, ABV 12%

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Annual Release '01


Following on the coat-tails of the vastly popular ‘00’, we embarked on an even bigger quest with the ’01.  We made it darker with crystal malt. We made it toastier with even more munich malt, and we ravaged a few local specialty food stores and bought real Tahitian Vanilla Beans that we added to the brew!  Like its predecessor, this brew was aged for almost a year before being released, giving it natural carbonation, and begging to be laid down for at least three years!


MALTS: North American Pale, German Munich, North American Crystal, English Torrified Wheat, German Vienna
HOPS: German Magnum, German Tradition, East Kent Golding
OG    27.6 Plato, FG    4.6 Plato, SRM    60, IBU    28, ABV    12.5%

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Annual Release '00


This was the second beer The Newport Storm Brewery released.  We wanted to begin a holiday tradition with different brews every year and no particular style ever chosen for them.  Brent said, “make it big, make it strong, and make it special”, and so began the yearly event everyone in the brewery gets a say in!  This first annual brew used Floor Malted Marris Otter Pale and Chocolate malts.  The brew is malty sweet and it is still aging fantastically!


MALTS: Marris Otter Pale, European Pilsner, Light Munich, Light Vienna, Torrified Wheat, English Chocolate Malt
HOPS: Magnum, East Kent Golidng
OG    28.4 plato, FG    5.5 plato, SRM     36, IBU     30, ABV    11.5%

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