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Investor Information:

Due to the increase in inquiries about investment in Coastal Extreme Brewing Co., LLC we felt it was appropriate to address this matter here on our website. We were founded in 1999 with private equity from 13 investors and a small bank loan. Since then we have continued to expand rapidly while limiting the need for additional funding. By minimizing the company’s management fee and employing an investor backed reinvestment philosophy we have avoided dilution or increased debt.

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Donald Ryan, Original Investor

As our company gets older, it is tough to predict exactly what our financial desires will be. Many companies go through several rounds of investment in their growth and as we have had only one (the initial round) we may look to this avenue as a way to grow further in the future. In addition, in today’s corporate landscape the popularity and necessity of merging, acquiring, or being acquired must also be considered as we strive to make the best beer we can and make it available to the most people we can.

Although much of this change could be well in the future, we promise to keep those interested in investment opportunities aware of what we may be offering. First, by joining our extreme mailing list you will not only be kept up to date on our brewing and promotional activities. We will include any investment opportunities in the monthly newsletter we send to our subscribers. Second, by periodically coming back to our website and this page, online visitors will be able to check for updates to this information and other potential investment opportunities. Thanks for the interest and enjoy the beer!!!

The Coastal Extreme Brewing Company was started in 1999 by four graduates of Colby College. During his college days the head brewer, Derek Luke, reaquired a homebrewing kit he had given his sister and quickly went to work brewing and passing his knowledge along to the company's president, Brent Ryan. As Graduation grew near and the cold reality of post-collegiate life set in Luke and Ryan knew that they could turn their affinity for beer and their new found ability to make it into a viable alternative to unemployment or sitting at a desk answering to "The Man". Of course, they couldn't do it by themselves, so after very little convincing, they got roommate and friends, Mark Sinclair and Will Rafferty to join them.

On Father's Day in 1999, after almost two years of planning and preperation, the first batch of Hurricane Amber Ale was brewed. By July 2nd the first kegs had been shipped to three Newport Restaurants and were quickly tapped and emptied. A little over a month after the release of the first kegs, 6-packs of Hurricane Amber Ale began to hit the shelves. Since then we have expanded our product line and our distribution territory but continue to brew up a storm in our Newport Brewery.

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