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infeRIority complex featured in Cheers! and Beverage Dynamics - Added on 2016-01-14 12:57:59 

It's been a big week for infeRIority complex! This latest barrel aged Brett beer was featured in two major beverage publications, Cheers! and Beverage Dynamics. Have you managed to snag a bottle yet? 


32 things to do in New England under $25! - Added on 2016-01-09 10:03:30 


Try something new this winter! GoLocalProv has come up with a great list of things to do in New England that won't break the piggy bank. This list is chock full of museums, theaters and of course, our brewery & distillery! You might be surprised at how many cool activities, tours and events you can get into for a very reasonable cost. See the 32 Things You Can do in New England for Under $25

Have the best beer year ever with Newport Storm! - Added on 2016-01-07 11:15:17 

What's on your brewery bucket list for 2016? DRAFT Magazine just release their Jan/Feb issue and the main feature is '101 ways to have the best beer year ever!' We'll have to add some of these to our list, good thing we've already got #64 checked off! Cheers, Clare

Draft      #64

When it comes to Newport Storm Brewery’s latest barrel aged beer let’s just say it’s complicated… - Added on 2016-01-07 11:16:48 

infeRIority complex, a Brett beer, is the sixth installment in Newport Storm Brewery's barrel aging beer program. With heavy doses of Canada Rye and crisp Dextrin malts, the bas​e​ of this beer was Belgian inspired with a spicy, slick and slight​ly​ sweet mouthfeel. Aged Czech Saaz hops were incorporated to balance out the sweetness from these malts and lend a pleasant earthy tone that blends well with the flavors emanating from the barrel.

After lying in Thomas Tew Rum barrels for 4 months, Brettanomyces yeast was introduced and quickly got to work adding elements of stone fruit and cherry to the brew. "One of the truly unique things about making this beer was the element of surprise," says Brew Master Derek Luke, "when we'd pull samples from the barrel each ​tasting was completely different!"​ Very initial tests showed a pronounced sourness to the beer so aging time was extended to mellow out its complexities and impart balance between the barrel and its contents. ​This style of beer is one that cannot be rushed so brewers waited diligently for it to show them when it was ready to make its debut.​ So without further adieu, let us introduce Newport Storm’s, and arguably RI’s, most complex beer to date. 

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RIèzes- Newport Storm introduces a Belgian style ale with a Rhode Island twist! - Added on 2016-01-07 11:16:15 

For the past five years the Newport Storm Brewery has explored the up and coming frontier of barrel-aged beers. Lucky for them their 10,000 square foot facility also houses the Thomas Tew Rum Distillery giving the brewery a pretty distinct advantage of acquiring fresh rum barrels. The result? A full fledge barrel aging program running the gamut of sour, hoppy and dark, stout-like beers. For their latest creation, RIèzes [ree-ez], the crew at Storm sought to capture the essence of a classic Belgian style ale using an ancient style yeast strain.

Brew Master, and resident sweet tooth of the brewery, Derek Luke, has gone head over heels for this latest creation, “you’d think we added a pantry full of spices and brown sugar to the brew, but it’s o-natural”. RIèzes, a copper hued ale, is rich in malt flavor and has a mild oak scent and finish thanks to the eight Thomas Tew Rum barrels that it was housed in for roughly three months. Munich malt, Belgian Special B and Belgian Candy Sugar bring forth aromas and tastes of raisin, brown sugar and caramel. Tradition, Tettnang and Czech Saaz were chosen specifically to balance out the malt sweetness of this complex beer, allowing the Belgian yeast and barrel flavor to come through. The Belgian yeast strain, with reported links to Chimay (an authentic Trappist ale), rounds out the brew with a sweet bakers bread finish. The history surrounding the Chimay Brewery is what led to the beers name as brewers noted the city of RIèzes, just like little Rhody, is located in the corner of the country and is also a producer of exceptional beers.

Close to 150 cases of this spicy, sweet brew were made and distribution has begun in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania! In the past Luke has suggested letting their barrel aged brews mature a bit before consuming, however, for RIèzes the consensus is “don’t age, just drink!”

infRIngement- Rhode Island’s Microbrewery Pleads Guilty - Added on 2016-01-09 10:04:31 

Newport Storm Brewery, never one to stray from a challenge, is set to release their most “controversial” brew this week. In response to all the petty trademark disputes brought against Rhode Island brewers, Newport Storm offers its friends, fans and followers a barrel aged imperial stout- infRIngement. In their continued effort to create unique and local brews, Newport Storm stayed pretty close to home when determining what local spin to put on this 22 oz bomber combining beer from Newport Storm with rum barrels from the Thomas Tew Distillery. Owner of both companies, Newport Storm is sure to avoid any run-ins with the law because that would get confusing and “ain’t nobody got time for that!”



infRIngement is the culmination of nearly four years of test brewing and development for the brewers of Newport Storm. From figuring out what beers go best with their Thomas Tew Rum barrels, to how long to age, and  how well the beer holds up in the bottles, the brewers spent years tuning and tweaking to get everything just right. The end result is a Russian Imperial Stout that was aged in freshly dumped Thomas Tew Rum barrels. The beer was designed to have enough roasted bitterness and body to balance out the impacts of the sweetness from the barrel as well as the pickup of the remnants of rum. “infRIngement goes well beyond just throwing beer in a barrel,” explains Brent Ryan, Co-Founder of Newport Storm, “it is the destination after a four year exploration into the realm of beer aging in rum barrels.”

Newport Storm Brewery Featured on American Brewed TV! - Added on 2016-01-09 09:24:10 


"American Brewed is a FREE web series showcasing the people behind the craft beer industry. Every beer tells a story, and within that story is a group of people who are in seach of taste, quality, and expression for their love of craft beer. This is their story."

A big thanks to Shane and Jeremy for putting this fantastic series together. We are honored to be the first featured brewery. Check out their site and our episode HERE